Whatwe've done

We’ve spent years listening to clients say they want clearer communication from their advisors. Staff also say they want better communication from their leaders.

We have a lot of experience in getting the audience from “Oh no!” to “Oh yeah!”

Here’s some examples of what we’ve worked on. We can’t always share the detail because we keep confidential information, well, confidential.

Board report

We wrote a law firm board report about a key growth initiative that included a politically sensitive recommendation. The resolution was passed swiftly and two members of the Board commented on the high quality of the paper.


When business-critical tenders and proposals have landed, we’ve helped our clients identify their strategy, articulate their value proposition and key messages, and capture their compelling stories and evidence.

Brand uplift

A leading Australian organisation wanted to give its image an uplift, without completely rebranding. We helped them to find a new voice and visual style, and to cost-effectively apply those across new and existing communications.

Plain language training

We have delivered plain language training and mentoring for a number of professional services firms and their clients, as well as peak industry bodies. One client’s feedback was “I came for the CPD point. I left knowing how to make myself look better by writing well.”